Les Meridien

Baby Hip Seat Carrier


The baby Hip Seat Carrier is a great carrier for baby or for toddler who is beginning to explore. It's convenient to pick up baby when baby wants to be up in your arms and easy to let baby down when they want to crawl, toddle, or walk around.

Holding baby on your hip and in your arms can be tiring and straining on your arms and back, specially as baby gets older and heavier. Sitting baby on the padded hip seat, instead on your hip, prevents you from curving your back while keeping baby close, supported, and happy. Additional, the wide waistband provides comfort for parent's waist and back.

With the added panel and padded shoulders straps, the hip seat becomes a hands-free baby carrier. The cool air mesh model provides additionally breathability when baby is in the baby carrier. An easy-access, side pocket provides storage for keys and phone.



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